Dundalk April 12th
I lost the login details for this blog and haven’t updated in a while. I’ll give a brief update on the year so far before previewing today’s runners. Apologies for the lack of paragraphs, I can’t get the correct format on my phone. Anyway, things have been ticking along fine in 22 thus far. We’ve 4 winners under our belt and as a general rule if we can operate at 1 a month then we’re treading water. It would be nice to get a blast of good fortune as it might kick-start something but we’ll stay patient and fingers crossed we can grab our chances. Most of ours have been running away fine but 5th of 22, 6th of 13, 7th of 20 etc etc doesn’t trouble the headline writers.   Things have been trying enough in terms of keeping the show on the road. With covid, vertigo, concussion, some brutal weather allied with a lack of riders I’m hoping for a smoother summer. Georgina, Colm and James dug in, Jesus, I get the heebee jeebees thinking back on it. National hunt men and women are a tough breed. Battling weather in the key months of the season is a tough station.   Seeing the resurgence of Ken Condon, Ado, the Nolans amongst others gives one hope. Cling on in there, keep on focusing on the basics and getting the occasional winner and things can take off. They need to but I’m convinced they will.   Anyway on to more pressing matters. We run 2 today. Satono Chevalier runs at 6 over 12 f. His run the last day was a very good effort. They went a good gallop and he settled well and came home well having been slightly delayed in his run. All things being equal I would have him favourite here. He is quirky though, he’s too quirky to go on and make his own running and he could try and get his head up back amongst horses. Ben rides because we thought Sean was suspended and it’ll be down to Ben to get him doing things right. If he lobs then he should be dangerous.   Pandemic Princess had a great winter. I thought she was maiden material before starting her but it took me ages to get the hang of her. She’s progressing up the ranks quietly and she ran well again the last day. She tripped at half way. Over 5 furlongs it’s no harm to have your shoe laces tied. She couldn’t get back competitive but I loved the way she grafted and grafted to get closest at the line. She’s not well drawn but I suspect Sean will take his time on her and it might work out OK. Like plenty of days recently, going more in hope than expectation.

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