We currently have 38 boxes. As you can see from the photos, they are well ventilated and the horses get to interact with each other.

We have a six-bay horse walker. Useful for post exercise cool down and plenty of mine walk in the evenings. A pre-dinner stroll!

Enclosed woodchip lunge ring. Used for getting the babies started and an alternative light exercise option for the older horses.

Five furlong woodchip gallop. I’m delighted with the surface, it’s proving kind on the horses’ limbs. The time and expense saved at the vet is spent on the maintenance of the woodchip however!

Three-bay starting stalls. Conducting themselves properly at the races as a result.

25 acres of turnout.

Two-bay horse lorry. Serving its purpose to a tee. Hopefully need a bigger one soon.

Training Fees

  • €40/day full training 
  • €25/day out of training
  • €60/month farrier
  • Veterinary costs are kept to a minimum and just passed on to the owner as and when they arise
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