Punchestown April 28th
We’re Punchestown bound with Sparkling Stars tomorrow. Not an obvious destination at the start of the season but opportunities come from strange places. He has been terrific since he arrived. He looked well handicapped when we bought him and so it has proved. I thought he might grab a race before the season end and we could concentrate on chasing next year. He has been better than that and deserves to have a go at a race like this. He’s huge, as in Allaho huge and hurdling is square-peg-in-a-round-hole for him. I just want him to come home safe and sound tomorrow and head on his holidays. I assumed Danny would have had to ride something else in this, it was a pleasant surprise to learn he was riding our fella. Has to be a good sign. Anyway fingers crossed for a good run. We’ll use the Noble Yeats road map for next year and see how far he can get.

2017 Richard O'Brien Racing Limited