Naas August 5th
These have been sporadic, no harm to update on occasion I suppose. We are post Galway and we drew a blank again this year, not having a runner didn’t help. They put on some show up there and it would be nice to have something with 10lbs in hand to go there some time. At that you still have to handle the place and get a draw and a trip and not bump into something with a stone up it’s sleeve. Anyway on to Naas tomorrow and we run a new one tomorrow in the 2yo maiden. Well, new to us. He has 2 runs in England, a debut full of promise was followed by a bomb out last time. His behaviour/hormones did for him that day and they could easily get the better of him tomorrow. His behaviour has been good since he arrived and I’m happy to give him the benefit of the doubt. If he does get carried away and runs poorly he’ll have a mark and we can get him gelded and go the nursery route. Alternatively he has the chance to be impeccable and stay whole a little longer. It’s up to him. He’s very well bred, can gallop but doesn’t appear to be a 5 furlong horse. I’m putting plenty of pressure on him running him so quick but good horses thrive on pressure. He needs to be getting on, his 2 year old year is flying by and he needs to start contributing for Clive’s sake.

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