Navan July 13th
Elaborating on the chances of these runners is becoming a bit of a laugh in a kind of excruciating black humour kind of way. I’ll persist I suppose. When Cautious Approach was heading for the wrong side of the running rail in the closing stages at Bellewstown there was a kind of resigned acceptance as it happened. Little enough said, confirm she’s ok and trek on home. It’s uncanny but runners of ours have been turned upside down a lot this year. Cautious alone has clipped heels when coming with her chance in Dundalk and nearly got capsized in Killarney another day. Tomorrow is a chance for her to get back on track but she’s drawn 14 which can’t be good. Excellently Poised returns to the fray after an extended break and he’ll likely need it. He was functioning at a level last autumn/winter, he showed a bit of promise but he’ll have to have improved to be competitive tomorrow. I’m not sure. He’s not one to graft and have all i’s dotted and t’s crossed, I’d have no horse, so I’m taking plenty on faith, eyes closed and hope. We’re going through a transition at the moment, plenty have fallen by the wayside or have been moved on. Time to rebuild. The facilities are there, the system is there, just have to find better horses. There was a survey sent out during the week designed to assess the mental health of trainers. It’ll be interesting to see the results but I suspect there’ll be plenty of evidence of burn out, anxiety, isolation etc. It takes a special type of ignorance to be solely responsible for the training and campaigning of horses and not blame yourself when things aren’t clicking. That blame or shame as Michael Channon Jr described it, eats you and has the potential to impact you and those closest. Sticking to principles, keeping everything just so and just wait. Any horse that has done well for us has been comparatively straightforward, just ticked along, grafted themselves in to something and went away about their jobs. There are a core few still there and they will do that, we need more and to stay in business while we wait for them!

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