Bellewstown/Tipperary July 4th
We have 3 runners tomorrow between Bellewstown and Tipperary. I drew the short straw(in distance terms) and will be heading for Bellewstown. We run African Friend in the 5f handicap. He has a reputation for bad behaviour so I want to be on hand. His conduct has been immaculate with us, we have put him through stalls without any problems and he has been very biddable in his daily routine. I never try and address the specifics of a horse’s bad behaviour, whether I’m right or wrong if they are kept in a very strong routine they don’t have the time, interest or energy to act the clown and maybe they forget about it. We’ll see tomorrow. There’s no obvious major angle with this guy, his mark appears to be approximately right. He’ll run away plenty once we’re happy with his conduct and he shows enough to suggest he’ll win occasionally. Cautious Approach runs in the fillies handicap and this is a lovely race for her.  The positives- she appears to be in great form having had a 3 week relax, she’s well drawn and Andy Slattery is claiming a handy 5 off her. The negatives- she’s a big ol unit and Bellewstown may be sharp for her, may be. The ground won’t be rattling fast. I believe they keep the ground on the kind side at this track (totally understandable) but this lady wants it with dust flying off it. Lougher runs in a winners of one in Tipperary and as a maiden she’s 1 of 4 maidens in this event. Jessie’s lady was impressive on debut and she’ll have to be a fair filly to carry her penalty, not against our lady per se but Aidan’s fella will likely improve 3 stone. Lougher had a frustrating debut, after jumping the road, pulling too hard, she was kept in rear by the winner’s stablemate. By the time he thought of having a go at his  pal the race was over. She ran on fine and was fine after and we brushed ourselves off and here we are. She’s talented, tomorrow should give us an idea what we’re dealing with. Optimism all round then. Anyone following this year’s trials and tribulations will raise an eyebrow I’m sure and they’d be right. It’ll turn around, it has to. ??‍♂️

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