Tipperary June 4th
We were in Gowran this day last year and were in the middle of a pretty mental run of results. Things are completely different this year. The nice ones are performing but that means running nicely without coming close to winning and the lesser ones aren’t winning or coming close to it. Tomorrow is going to be more of the same. 2 grand horses capable of running away fine. Drawn in 1 and 2 and on Tipp’s sprint track, with juice in the ground, that is lights out. That’s not being pessimistic, it’s just a fact. Ampeson is now a gelding, he was very taken by The Curragh the first day and especially the 5 fillies in his race. That was a Monday, he was a gelding by lunchtime Tuesday.  He’s fine to start back. It’s a hot race and realistically he needs to travel and finish and I’ll be happy with that. That’s Mad has 2 good runs over 5 furlongs and a repeat of those would have him running well again. The draw scuppers things however.    

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