Curragh May 25th
Tomorrow’s 2000 Guineas is the new Curragh’s first big day. It’s great to see the race with 2 potential superstars facing off. Newmarket’s convincing winner taking on last year’s champion 2yo. Christ it’s exciting. Our 2 will have run by then with Barend Boy going first. I got excited for a brief moment a furlong down in Naas last Sunday but he ran out of steam late on, fading to finish 4th. It was a good effort and dropping back a furlong should suit. I say should but he needs to travel better than he did over 6 two runs back. I hope he’s not a bit tripless.He’s taking on his elders aswell and that makes things tougher.   Chessman goes next and his last 2 runs have been good. This was his target since Navan but last week’s Listed 7 cut up and he had to take his chance. He bumped in to a filly on fire and she outbattled him late on. It won’t be the last time he’s outbattled but he’s a very talented horse that’s performing to a high level and I’m not going to crib him. I am conscious he tended to throw in occasional stinkers in his previous life but he seems to have taken last Sunday’s race well. This is a substandard Group 2 and this lad on song could swoop past a few of these. He needs to be spot on though, I hope he is.   I probably won’t get to expand on Dean Street Doll and her Guineas assignment Sunday but it’s one we’re looking forward to. She’s well, she has been on the go but she’s maintaining her condition and her appetite for work is terrific. She’s high energy and despite a busy schedule her post exercise pick of grass had to be cut short due to bad behaviour this morning. Whether she’s entitled to have a go at these superstars weighs a little but hopefully she acquits herself well. Her Guineas trial 2nd was admirable, I thought and things could have gone better. Colin had to take her back early on the last day and when they dropped to a crawl she started to pull very hard and stopped using herself the way she can. This is the key, if she can get down and settle in to a rhythm and use herself she will definitely step forward on what she has done thus far. Whether that’s enough or whether she has the sense yet to settle are the unknowns but myself and Clive and all attached to this beautiful filly are going to enjoy the experience of finding out.

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